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It's not about us, it's about what we give back..

Updated: May 1, 2021

I began writing these blogs when I was struggling myself, with self confidence when not being able to get a job, not having much creative inspiration to carry on producing the work I love doing and with the loss of the most perfect Grandad in the world. I wanted to help others that may have been in a similar situation as me, give them ideas and inspire them to go out and try something new and be confident in what they are capable of achieving. This then brings me to the topic of this blog, my amazing MOM. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn't for her, she has inspired me endlessly and still continues to teach me (whether she knows it or not) to be the best person I can be.

There is no one who has inspired me more than my mom, I have always looked up to her, to be successful in her career and the most caring person at the same time is not always something that you will find in those around you. She has always pushed me and my sister Gracie in an encouraging way to work hard and to put the effort in, in order to be successful. Whether that be in our exams, degrees or even job seeking. Nothing has ever been out of reach, she made us believe that we are capable of so much. But at the same time, the way she thinks of everyone before herself and goes out of her way to help people, has inspired me just as much. Being there for someone who needs it and supporting others is something I strive to do everyday, and there is always more that we can do to make the world a kinder place, but any kindness you may have felt from me before is because of what she has taught me my whole life.

I can not believe that today was her last day working for Npower! I have never known any different than her working there, and what an incredible achievement, 20 years! What amazing things you have done along the way, going to Africa, hosting the call centre for Children in Need and many other incredible events, the success she has had working for the company over the years is something I only dream of achieving! Watching the video today of her team sharing their favourite memories and what they have enjoyed about working with her only proved everything I have always thought to be correct. The kindness she shares towards others, her ability to lead a team compassionately but effectively and always have time for each individual person, makes her one in a million.

I feel so lucky to have spent the time at her workplace to see how she does what she does. A long time ago on my work experience when I was 15, me and my cousin Esme had our first experience working in the office, we have had a running joke since that we could hear her coming from the other end of the building just by the way she walks (usually with her arms swinging!) and the whole office would go quiet at the sound of those heels coming down the corridor! (I can’t remember if this was true but we loved teasing her about it!) 😉 I then got to spend a summer there working one or two days in the office a week, which was eyeopening, I got to see how hard she worked day in and day out, non-stop all day. I have always known she had put the hours in, leaving early, coming home late, travelling hours away, while being an amazing mom, always there for us whenever we needed her and looking after the horses! I felt so welcomed by the whole team everyone was so friendly and helpful, this is either a reflection of her leadership or the fact they knew I was the bosses daughter! I have been there for all the fun times and I am glad to been able to meet the people I think she has touched and hopefully inspired too.

This bit is directly for you Mom as I know you will read this (and probably one of the few people who is still reading!) You deserve the best in whatever you decide is waiting for you on your next career path, and I look forward to watching and learning more on this new adventure you will go on. I have spoken a lot about how you have inspired me with how hard you work and how you have inspired me to be successful in whatever I put my mind to (which I believe you got from Nanna who is also a huge inspiration in my life). But you have taught me to be a kind, thoughtful person, who looks after others and makes people smile and you have always been there for me. I will always be the person you have taught me to be.

There is no one prouder than Grandad right now he was so proud of everything you did, but probably would be encouraging you to retire now and enjoy being able to go to the pub whatever day of the week!

If you haven't got someone who inspires you to be a better person or to work hard and get out of your comfort zone, then try and surround yourself in people who will. You deserve to feel confident. Supporting others to be the best they can be and be successful; in a job, at school or university and in things they enjoy doing, might help them more than you know. We should all be more like my mom, caring for others and being selfless even when she has had the most difficult six months imaginable , there is no one who inspires me more than her and if could the fraction of the person she is then I will be happy. Be Kind.

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