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  • Ellie Mayner

Graduation... Finally!

I wrote this blog a couple months ago and so much has happened I never got around to posting it!

Sorry I have not posted a blog in such a long time and I have so much to talk about! But I can’t forget about Graduation, yes, we finally got our Graduation! Honestly, I was not the most excited about graduation, I am really not a fan of having any attention or spotlight put onto me, so walking up in front of everyone in the cathedral was not something I was looking forward to. However, the atmosphere on the day was incredible and it took away from that fear and in reality, you are on the stage for about ten seconds and then its all over!

The university itself did such an amazing job to allow us to have a graduation, being one of the first in the country to carry out a ceremony! Although our guest were not able to watch in the cathedral and we had to wear masks (far from what a normal graduation ceremony should be like) the guest were able to watch us on a large screen in the area and join us at the reception so they didn’t miss out on much.

University ended so abruptly for us in March of last year, with no warning the doors were closed and in effect we were not able to say goodbye to the people we had spent the last three years with. Finally, being able to see them all again to celebrate what we have

all achieved in such unforeseen circumstances, it was great to see everyone happy and doing well.

When you leave university, it should be a big celebration and for us we didn’t even know that we would be closed until it was announced on the news the night before! Then lockdown happened and we were thrown in the unknown. We would never have dreamt of completing our final year modules and dissertations at home without much support, as you have to remember this was before online learning, the university wasn’t prepared for a pandemic and neither was the rest of the world. We only had contact with our lecturers via email for feedback and support, which was a huge disadvantage! Therefore, our graduation I believe to be a very special one, as we were able to still doing great work and achieve what we set out to do three years ago, and this also goes for those who have been doing online work over the last 18 months!

Graduation really has now closed that chapter of my life, fixing the loose ends that were left when we suddenly left, and seeing people happy and healthy made it worth the wait. It is important to stay in touch with those who became close friends, as three years is a long time and we experienced something no other final year had before, which was stressful and disheartening for all of us. But we had a great time at university, with our team projects and late lectures we had a blast and I won’t forget that!

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