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  • Ellie Mayner

Job Update!!

I can't believe that it has almost been a year since I started and I don't think I have updated the blogosphere since getting the job! I started writing these blogs when I had left university, during the middle of a pandemic and finding a job was incredibly difficult, so now this time of year has come back around lets talk about it...

I am not sure where to start really, I have learnt and developed my skills so much since starting this job. I have been able to be creative and teach myself along the way and most importantly I am using different skills and styles of digital media everyday. From creating graphics for banners, leaflets and booklets, using my photography and videography skills and managing all the social media accounts and website!

It is not very often that people get to do what they enjoy doing within their job, obviously my number one love is for photography, so any event that I get involved in is always great. But I love creating new content and designing new literature for the company all the same.

I was so downtrodden and defeated for months after getting my degree and applying for hundreds of jobs and not being successful time after time. If you are going through a similar thing, or are not happy in your job then don't give up. You need to know how good you are, if you are passionate about something it is much easier to come across more confidnent and therefore you will show how ready you are for the job you are applying for. I am someone who doesn't have much self confidence and I really struggled to sell myself when writing my CV etc, but my photography, this is something that I am confident doing and this was something I really could back my self to do well in. This really helped me more confident in my own skills when I had those numerous interviews!

If you are still reading, thank you, I am going to try and keep my blogs more updated from now on. I really enjoy sharing and trying to help those who may have been or are in a similar situation as me, all you need is someone to give you a chance to show how capable you are and luckily Emma did that for me and I have had an amazing experience the last year, everyone deserves that.

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