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  • Ellie Mayner

New Camera! New Content!

After years and years of using my trusty Nikon D7000 I have finally brought a new camera, and whats even more crazy than that, I have done the most controversial thing and switched teams! I decided to get another camera to be able to capture high quality video, which I haven't been able to do previously and further push my photography skills. After lots of research and internet window shopping I decided that a Canon camera would be the best option for what I wish to do and for the best price within the budget!

Canon EOS 90D

I am in love with the Canon EOS 90D! It only arrived yesterday and it has already made a big impression, I have not had the chance yet to use it properly but the more obvious things, such as the touch screen and motion/face tracking features are what have impressed me most (I'm easily impressed obviously). Due to using both Nikon and Canon cameras in the past I have not found it an issue to switch between the two, although the camera itself is quite easy to use. I do believe anyone wishing to take photography seriously, who is willing to put the time in and learn, would have a good time with this camera. I can not wait to get out there and take some photos!

Visions of Videography

Since I have been working professionally and developing my own part-time business, I have only ever offered photography services. I developed a love for videography and video editing while at university, and due to the camera I previously used I have not been able to carry on with this work in a high quality professional manner. I wish to keep developing my skills and learning, in order to offer videography services to my clients in the future. Video editing is something I have done for years, editing compilations of videos recorded on my phone, competing or out training with the horses and capturing adventures on my GoPro (video below). I am looking forward to producing exciting, high quality action videos now with the right equipment!

Day One

I did manage to take the camera out yesterday briefly before it became too dark! Of course I took it to the horses with me! I was able to capture some images and video footage while there and it has only made me more excited to create some new content and produce a professional video. I experimented with both a 50mm and a 18-55mm lens, and began to learn the variety of filters available on the camera and also practise with the incredible motion tracking and auto focus!

I also desire to expand my photography portfolio with landscape and real estate photography. Therefore I am looking into buying a wide angle lens, if anyone has any advice on the best lens' to look into (that aren't too pricey), then feel free to comment!

The few clips of video below I captured yesterday, I experimented with trying to achieve a sharp focus on a moving subject. I am quite happy with these few clips, with it being the first time I had ever used the camera! Just these small amounts of footage I was able to get yesterday has inspired me and given me ideas for the future.

Looking to the Future

I am really looking forward to using this camera, with there being little freelance work at the moment due to the UK lockdown, I will focus on creating new and exciting content and expanding my brand. You can probably expect this to be horse and dog related at the moment, due to the lockdown restrictions and having to be creative from home. Keep a look out for videography content on my social media pages and website!

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